Discover The Western Desert and the ancient monuments of Egypt
Discover The Western Desert and the ancient monuments of Egypt

Desert Trips

White desert
1.Day: Start at Cairo in the morning, at noon we arrive at Bahariya, where we will have lunch. In the afternoon visit of the Salt Sea and the Pyramid Mountain, tea in the desert near bahariya and sunset at the English Mountain.  The night will be spent in a Hotel in Bahariya
2.Day: In the morning we start our trip to the desert, we will see the Black Desert, have lunch at a Beduoin Camp in El Heiz . It is possible to take a bath in the hot spring there. At the afternoon we arrive the White Desert National Park, visiting the Crystal Mountain and Agabat, In the evening dinner at the White Desert and camp
3.Day: Time to discover more places at the White desert, lunch at Magic Spring, after visiting the  Mushrooms, we will return to Bahariya. The night will be spent in the hotel.
4.Day:  In Bahariya there is now time to visit the  golden mummies, the Tombs of Banentiu and his father and the temple of Alexander. After lunch return to Cairo.


Short version:
1. Day: Start at Cairo in the morning- lunch in Bahariya, ride to  White Desert, dinner and camp
2. Day: White Desert, Lunch at Agabat, Bahariya Hotel
3. Day: Return to Cairo

From Cairo to Bahariya in 3 or 4 Days:
1. Day  Day Start in Cairo, visit of the Pyramids, El Alamein,  and Marsa Matruh.
2. Day  From Marsah Matruh to Siwa. Visit of Shali, the Oracle, bath of Cleopatra
3. Day Dunes around Siwa
4. Day From Siwa to Bahariya.


Going to the desert or

5. Day: Fayum, Valley of the whales, Cairo

From Bahariya to Dakhla Oasis

1. Day Start in Bahariya in the morning. We will see the Black Desert,Chrystal Mountain and Agabat. Camp near Agabat
2. Day Time to see some beautiful places of the White Desert, Camp in the White Desert
3. Day White Desert, Lunch at Ain El Serf ( Time to take a bath) , Camp near Karaween

4. Day Old Caravan Road to Dachla, Camp near Dakhla
5. Day Breakfast El Qasr. After the Visit of the Old Town we will go to the Magic Spring to relax and take a bath. Night at hotel. (If you want to go further, you can travel to Luxor or you can spend three more days to visit Kharga with Baghavat and Tempel of Hibis,  Um El Dabadib and Dush.)
6. Day In the morning we take the road to Farafra. After the visit of Farafra,  we will find place for the night in the White Desert.
7. Day Return  to Bahariya






There are so many beautiful places to visit at the desert. These are just some suggestions. It depends on how much time you want to spend. You can stay just one night outside or as many as you like.  

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I am a Bedouin, born and grown up in Bahariya-Oasis. I am living here with my family.

I have been touring the desert since I was a young boy. On those trips I learned to love and to respect nature. I want to share my experiences with you.

I have been guiding different tours, from two-day-trips to the white desert up to three- week- expeditions to the gilf kebir. I am a professional driver and mechanic.

In addition I organize exciting visits to Cairo, Luxor or Aswan to explore their places of interest.

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